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Works Great when used correctly!

Don’t listen to the old reviewer. I’ve been using this stuff on my car since I bought it in 2007 and it works great!

Spray a TON of this stuff on the salt covered area and leave it for at LEAST 10 minutes with the windows open. Come back with a good scrubber (I find that dish scrubbers work great) and the salt will vanish!

I’m not sure how well this will work on carpet that hasn’t been taken care of but with my carpet, it comes out looking new every spring. Buy it with confidence.


It works

This stuff works on a years worth of salt. 2+ years will need more then one application.


Salt Eraser Works!

I first tried this product a year ago and it worked well, so I bought two cans this spring. We just used it on my son’s car which really had a lot of salt buildup over the winter. It took several applications and we used almost the entire can, but in the end all the salt was gone.

I found it’s best to spray on a heavy layer, then wait 10-15 minute before vacuuming. Using a hand scrub brush also really helps in loosing the salt. I used a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck up the liquid (and salt). Repeated applications are necessary if there is a heavy layer of salt.

The bottom line is this stuff works very well.


Does the job for minor salt build up

We never cleaned the salt in our car for over 9 years however, whenever it’s that long no product will work. It did remove salt from the passenger side which didn’t have that much however it couldn’t get rid of the drivers side which had the worst salt build up. It did remove some of it but not all. I used the whole can and I was pleased with the results.


Worth it for it’s use

This product did as expected, dissolving the salt to a degree to which it was easy to scrub away any excess residue. Left it sit for ~10-15 minutes, used an everyday bristle-type scrub brush, and then rinsed the affected area with a garden hose.

After wringing out the water and letting sun dry for ~30 minutes, the mat looks like new.

I can imagine if your mat is heavily soiled with salt/grime mixture, this may not work as well for you.


Great buy

Purchased this item on advice of the sales rep. It does work as in the video but u have have to use a bit of elbow grease. Make sure you have a good scrub brush and u should be fine.. Got rid of that nasty salt stain in my new vehicle…


Amazing product!

I thought I would have to have my vehicle carpets professionally cleaned because the salt was caked on so badly. Salt eraser worked perfectly! Followed instructions as written, very easy. Great product.


Does the job

This product works pretty good. I used to use vinegar and hot water and this is better and less messy. You do have to apply a few time and scrub with a brush bout the results are great! No more salt lines in your car.


Works well but you need time and patience

This product works well if you spray it, let it sit for atleast 10 minutes, scrub with a bristle brush, then do the process again. Works better than anything else we have tried.


Worked very well

I had some stubborn caked-on salt embedded into the drivers-side carpet. It had been accumulating for years. This product worked pretty well with the first generous coating. And very well after a second coating.


A+ for this product

I was skeptical when I first bought this can, I really did not think it would do that great of a job. I was desperate though, I had so much salt caked in on my car carpet rugs and the floor. I sprayed the entire can onto the floor, and to my surprise how well it worked.

The salt “melted” into nothing. I will definitely buy some again next year. It does not remove dirt or grime, obviously there are stain marks, but wow I am still impressed. I didn’t think anything could get rid of salt so easily. I’ll take before and after pictures next time I use it.


This product definitely helps

It helped to get most of the salt out of the carpet in my jeep, but there were some stubborn stains that needed to just be soaked out with lots of hot water.


Works well

Does a good job of removing the salt from car mats


Great product

I was happy with this product. It removed most of the salt stains from the car carpets. Pleased with the results


2 years ago

did the job

was an extremely effective product to remove salt from the floor of my car


I have used a lot of waterless car washer and this is the best one I found + the wax holds up well

55 chevy

February 12, 2019

Great product

I recently washed my car 10 days ago, however the street cleaning has recently taken place and dust is everywhere. I didn’t want to power wash it again and I had ran out of my other brand waterless wash product. I saw this product advertised and did some online research and decided to try it out. Works brilliantly as described and even on glass. Doesn’t take much effort to buff out either. I have a Tuxedo black car and now it looks nice and shiny!


Great product

Use this on my Metallic Black SS CaraMaro for those in between washes. Product cleans well and leaves no residue. Highly recommend!


Good product

Did an amazing job on my motorcycle and snow mobile, the Harley never looked so good.


Very good product

This product does an excellent job of cleaning the car, if is not too dirty with hard to remove dirt. It cleans as you wipe on and shines as you wipe off. Easy to apply and even easier to wipe off.If your car is very dirty, wash it first.


Awesome product

I have been raving about this product to my friends for years now. It does exactly what it says, it is very refreshing to see that a Frenc Canadian product that is so incredibly accurate about its efficacy. I love it


Quality product

Was very easy to use. spray on rub off. good cleaning and shine for finished product. very quick and easy to use.


Works well and economical

I’ve cleaned my compact size car with this product twice. It takes about an hour and the results are as good or better than a mechanical car wash. I think I can clean the car 4 or 5 times with one can so it’s considerably cheaper than going to a car wash.


Great product

i have a black ram 1500 covered in dirt. used this product for the first time today and it works fantastic. real easy to use, just spray on and dirt comes right off. the shine left behind is sparkling. does paint,windows and chrome. highly recommended.


Boyfriend loves it

I bought this along with a bunch of other stuff for a fathers day gift basket for my boyfriend. He uses this on his mustang and loves it


Best car wax

this is a high quality product and worth the price. works great on black cars as well


5 years ago

Best Detailer Product I’ve Ever Used

I saw this on sale, so I bought a can just to try it. I was very impressed with how easy it was to use and even more impressed with how well it worked. Over the decades, I’ve used numerous car detailer products from Meguiar’s, Mothers, and many others.

This stuff goes on easily, wipes off easily and gives a great shine. As you wipe it off, you can feel how slippery the surface has become. You can “wax” a car very quickly.

I’m not sure about using it to clean a really dirty car, but I use it to remove water spots after washing. When my car has a light dust layer, I first use a “California Duster” to remove most of the dust, then use Dry Shine to get the just washed/waxed look back.