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Waterless Wash & Wax

Wash & Wax your vehicle without water in two easy steps

In one step, wash and wax car, ATV, boat or recreational vehicle. Dry-Shine is an innovative and very practical product that allows you to wash your vehicle without water in no time.

Waterless Wash & Wax

582 g / 20,5 oz. – Aerosol

Dry Shine will wash & wax your vehicle, boat or truck without water in two easy steps. Spray and wipe, then buff. Our Carnauba Wax formula offers a superior shine and protection. As well, our innovative formula offers protection from UV rays and repels dirt and dust. DryShine deep cleaning agents lift and remove tar, bugs, grease and dirt and is silicone and teflon free. Ideal for cars, boats, trucks, RV’s and can be used on other household surfaces. Use on body, rims, glass and mirrors including metal, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and fiberglass surfaces.


Just spray, wait a few seconds and then wipe with a cloth rayon or microfiber.

  • It quickly removes all traces of grease, tar, diesel, brake dust, calcium , insects as well as stubborn stains such as those caused by bird droppings.
  • It removes harmful contaminants for painting and revitalises tarnished or oxidized finishes by years of neglect.
  • It forms a clear and transparent protective layer that resists Its concentration of premium yellow carnauba wax allows it to compete or even surpass any other high-end wax on the market.
  • It contains no silicone or teflon and is not harmful to the skin. Ozone layer (without CFC) .
  • It provides visibly durable protection.
  • It does not damage the surfaces thanks to its unique combination of different solvents specially developed to lubricate, emulsify and lift the dirt or dust particles away from the surface of the vehicle.
  • It can be used on all non-porous finishes including glass, chrome, aluminum, hard rubber, plastics, fiberglass.And winter, Dry-Shine allows you to wash a vehicle while remaining dry!