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Dry Shine renews the glow on any vehicle

A canister of Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax.


Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax

Available at: Canadian Tire, PartSource, Ace Hardware

Price: $14.99

The car was coated in dust, salt and road spray. It looked neglected and unhappy.

I grabbed a microfibre cloth, popped the lid off the Dry Shine can and started spraying. Instantly, the smell of the carnauba wax calmed us both down and we started to communicate again. It has been a long, hard winter and we were both a little edgy.

Working in small circular motions, I slowly cleaned the car. The spray worked on the thickest build-up of grime. The emulsifiers lifted the grit away from the paint, chrome, glass and fibre glass without grinding and scratching the surface.

I had no intention of doing the whole car, but like a cat, I could feel it move with the motion to get more attention. A second cloth gave it that last polish.

Rubbing my hand over the surface was like caressing a new car. That lovin’ feeling was back. I’m sure there is enough product still in the can for another few therapy sessions. Next time, however, I’ll read the directions. No. 2: “Turn on your favourite radio station to set the mood.”

Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax is a Canadian product from Quebec.

Propulsion car video teaser

Dryshine cleaning products on Mazda car

ADM Sports Bike event

New on the road

I had already tried a “waterless” cleaner on my car before. Success and satisfaction at the moment, more with great frustration a few days later. A glossy and slippery film had remained on the vehicle for the luster. Admirable at the time, but terribly disappointing to see the pollen of the blossoming trees on the car in a hot, windy day, until a yellowish hue is achieved. Only a big rain two days later allowed to wash the pollen and the product … and the luster by the same occasion. Total frustration!

A little septic on the qualities of its products, it was at the Motor Show in February last year that I met the big boss of DryShine, Frederic Munari. He explained the difference between his product and the competition. Its aerosol cleaner, directly on the motorcycle. Just let it rest for about 30 seconds, then the extent of a circular motion with a microfiber cloth. A second dry cloth can be used on the surface worked, to make to shine and remove the excess product. DryShine is suitable for all types of motorcycles, including surfaces such as glass, chrome, aluminum, stainless steel and hard plastics.

This is the continuation of DryShine Auto’s test on my spouse’s car and the impressive results that the application of DryShine for Insects and Tar was required on the R1200RT. Several years of cooked and glued insects, which were until impossible to do, even after repeated washing several times with different waxes or soaps. In less than 15 minutes, the walls, windscreen, side pannier and dashboard off, a surprising success … All flies and glued tasks of the windshield have given way to a clear and glossy finish without greasy film . The windshield of an incredible transparency similar to having resumed its new appearance.

DryShine Moto INSECT & TAR is specially formulated to dissolve and dislodge tar, insects, sap and grease that are difficult to clean on the windscreen and body. Easy to apply and to clean, it does not damage the varnish and leaves the surface of your motorcycle soft and shiny, without greasy residue.

An application of the DryShine Moto LUSTER & PROTECTION race on the chrome muffler finished the work very satisfactorily after the application of the INSECTS & TAR. The DryShine Moto LUSTER & PROTECTION is a professional high quality carnival school for a brilliant shine. Composed of nanopolymers to protect against UV rays, contaminants and road dirt, it repels water and prevents dust from adhering to the surface.

As far as I’m concerned, DryShine products convinced me of their efficiencies and the incredible finish. The product sold in aerosol is easily transportable at any time by small format (if you have any cargo space). Easy to apply and use, DryShine INSECTS & TAR and LUSTER & PROTECTION are perfect and complementary. Essential tools to keep in hand to restore and shine your motorcycle. And why not on your helmet and visor! Available from all good merchants.

Appco Group France launch a new campaign: Dryshine

In June 2016, Appco Group France launched, Dry Shine, an innovative waterless car cleaning product, on the French market.

In November 2015 Appco Group began discussions with Dry Shine, a Canadian company specializing in automotive cleaning products. After a more than promising test period, Appco Group France launched a full campaign in France, and it was an immediate success. Since its launch, nearly 200 cans of Dryhshine are sold per day, a success for Frederic Munari, president and founder of Dry Shine Waterless Wash and Wax “Our partnership with Appco Group France allowed Dry Shine products to be known on the French market where, until now they were not present. ”

Appco Group heavily invest in finding the best places to sell the products they represent: supermarkets, car parks, petrol stations, car shows, and other high traffic flows “Since the beginning of our partnership, Appco has invested in developing a successful campaign, not failing to show leadership, determination and unwavering professionalism to achieve its objectives. ”

With these sales figures, we will reach 10 000 cans sold only months after the launch of the campaign.

SOURCE: http://appcogroup.fr/en/appco-lance-campagne-dryshine/