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Welcome to Dryshine Canada

Waterless Wash & Wax

Wash & Wax your vehicle without water in two easy steps

Salt Eraser

Formulated to deep clean, break up and remove stubborn salt

Foaming Tire Shine

Cleans, shines and protects your tires in one easy step

Ultimate Shine

Renews and protects surfaces providing a rich, gloss shine

Foaming Glass Cleaner

Industrial strenght, non-drip formula cleans glass surfaces quickly removing bugs, dirt and grime

Bug & Tar Remover

Formulated to dissolve, lift and remove difficult to clean tar, bugs, tree sap and grease from the body of your car

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Clean, nourish, and hydrate your leather all in one step

Microfiber towel

Thicker ,plusher and softer


Dry-Shine and Salt Eraser are unique and exclusive value-added products. Practical and of unparalleled quality, they are revolutionizing the maintenance of vehicles while simplifying the lives of our customers and providing them considerable savings.

Welcome to our website!


Orapi-Dry Shine is a company specializing in the research and development of products for the maintenance of a wide variety of vehicles. Most recently, the company has created and introduced two unique and extremely efficient vehicle washing products: Dry Shine and Salt Eraser.

Automotive professionals have long had confidence in Lubco’s products, and many of the world’s top manufacturers have given them their seal of approval.

Orapi-Dry Shine distributes its products in Canada and Europe, where dealers, car and motorcycle enthusiasts, and countless industry professionals use and appreciate them.


“I used your Salt Eraser product on my car floor mats, which were caked with salt; it’s a wonderful product Jim. All I did was spray it on, no scrubbing, and let it dry in the sun, and like magic, the salt disappeared, wonderful!”

J.D., Ohio


“I was frustrated detailing BMW’s that were brought in to the dealership…there were salt stains covering the floor mats and I tried everything. I pressure washed the mats, I used carpet cleaners and nothing would touch it. I was given a couple cans of Salt Eraser and tried it. It was incredible! In less than 10 minutes the salt stains were totally gone and there was no mess, no clean up needed. I will only use this in the future”

M.K., Erhard BMW, Bloomfield Hills, MI


“I purchased your Salt Eraser product on sale at a Canadian Tire store about a year ago and was very impressed with how well it worked, so I picked up a couple more cans this year. We just used it on my son’s car which really had a lot of salt on the carpets and it did take several applications, but one again, it removed all traces of salt. Coincidentally, I also purchased a can of Dry Shine on sale at Canadian Tire recently and was very impressed with how well it works. Over the years, I have used automotive detailer products from McQuires, Mothers and many others, but your Dry Shine vastly outperforms these competitors!
As I was using the Salt Eraser, I realized that it was made by the same company as Dry Shine, so I went to the website to see what other products you have. I was pleased to see that there is an eco (pump spray) version of Dry Shine as well as a product for interior plastic and another one for tires. Are these other products also available at Canadian Tire?
Jut one minor item, I realize that your company is based in Quebec and that French is the working language, however, your website needs a little work on the English side. Not everything has been translated into English and when I clicked on some product images for more information, or looked at the “news”, I ended up on the French side of the website. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.”

Regards, Larry Kohut

M.K., Erhard BMW, Bloomfield Hills, MI


“Hi Frederic

I finally got it done. The results were great!!! Wetting the white hard salt made all the difference. Thank you so much for your patience and follow up on my original email. Great service. Thanks again.”

Linda Yent, Hamilton,Ont.


“Not sure if you can get this in the US, but we have a product in Canada called Salt Eraser that is for getting salt stains out of carpets. It is a foam spray like carpet cleaner and eats the salt away. I have used it and it works really well.”

Auto Obsessed, Online Reseller of Premium Detailing Products, Edmonton, AB Canada


“Hi Guys, Your Dry Shine product is amazing. I got my truck covered with fresh oil and tried to clean it up with different products. However, Dry Shine did the work. It is perfect. It is easy to use and really works. Now my truck in not only clean but shines like never before. Thanks folks!”

Pavlin Ursov


“Hello,I just discovered your product on a CLEARANCE table at a RONA store 60 kilometers north of where I live here in southern BC! I have never seen it here before in any of the major stores you show s distributors. Is it not sold here in BC? I have tried your product on my cars (including a collectible Jaguar) and I am very impressed, its great! I would be very interested in distributing it to auto enthusiast through car shows, detail shops, etc. Please let me know what it would involve to work with you in this way.”

Peter Hastings